The Unlikely Ally: Lucifer

HelpingHandSince the story in my book is about reconciling the fallen angels back to God, it should be no surprise that Lucifer is included. It’s hard to believe that not only has God forgiven the Prince of Darkness, but He also chooses him to lead the other reconciled angels. Marie is tasked to work alongside Lucifer and in doing so, she develops an understanding of him. Once she learns of his background and how a role he was given turned terribly wrong, she realizes the world has him misunderstood. As Lucifer and Marie travail in reconciling the fallen angels, they are faced with opposition from the new Satan, Xavier who vehemently clings onto what Lucifer began when they fell from Heaven. And, although some of the angels don’t completely trust Lucifer, he continually shows his allegiance. Has the Dark One truly been reformed? Marie believes so. After all, everyone should be given a second chance…right?


This Story of Mine

LightinDarknessThere is more to angels than what we know. My story is about them.

Humans have Jesus; He came to save them. Who do angels have saving them? Can the fallen ones be saved? I like to think they can because we have a God who loves all His creations. It’s clear on how God felt after the betrayal of His angels. He condemned them and they were cast out of Heaven to later be judged. However, what if God changed His mind about their demise?

I understand that I may not be proposing anything new or popular, but it is something that has ruminated within me for such a long time that I feel compelled to entertain it. I want to save the fallen angels…even Lucifer. Yes, you read that right. My story is about God having a change of heart and revealing a way for the fallen angels to be saved…reconciled back to Him. It could happen. You never know. God always provides ways for His will to be done and maybe someday this would be His will. It’s what I would like to see happen. God ultimately wanted angels to work together with humans to do His will but somewhere along the way the plan got changed when 1/3 of the angels turned away from God. My story puts the original plan back into place.

I delve into some interesting concepts that may or may not have been done before, but even if they have, I’m putting something together to reflect my vision. I also hope to present something that could be believable. What if the fallen angels can be saved and we can exist together as God originally intended? Welcome to my story.