Who Am I Writing For?

Question marksI ultimately write for myself. That’s the reality of it. I also would like to think that others find what I write interesting. I’m writing my first book and my target audience are those who generally read urban fantasy books. However, the thought does cross my mind: Are people going to like what I publish? I think many writers get so caught up in whether they think their target audience will like what they write that they don’t get anything written, or they get stuck in the never ending cycle of revision. I’m trying not to fall into that, but it has got me thinking lately since I’m nearing the end of writing my book. As writers, we aspire to get something published to where we become authors. That is the goal. It doesn’t stop there, though. We want to get something published that others want to read. The only advice I can give (and take myself) is to write a story you want to read. No doubt there will be others out there who will want to read it, too.


Discover Scrivener


I recently discovered Scrivener, which is a software program by Literature and Latte that offers a complete writing studio at your fingertips. With Scrivener, outlining and structuring my book has been extremely helpful. I can organize and manage information pertaining to characters, setting, dialogue, chapters, etc.

The corkboard in Scrivener is one of my favorite features. Instead of having a wall full of post-it notes or a pile of notecards, I’m able to pin pictures or ideas on the corkboard for reference. It’s a handy visual resource.

This software program has everything to help you write and even self-publish! That is something that stood out to me since I plan to self-publish my book and submit it as an eBook.

Scrivener is a useful tool for any written endeavor. Learn more and purchase from Literature and Latte.

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