2018 Goals for Reconciled

HappyNewYearIt’s a new year and I have new goals for the book I’m writing, Reconciled. I’m very excited to share what I believe are attainable goals. I fervently started writing Reconciled last May and I plan to have this first book in a 3-part series published this May. The goal is to publish it as an eBook through Amazon for $0.99 or $1.99. I’m still toiling over the price, but that should come in time.

Although I’m planning to self-publish, I still plan to get editing and proof-reading help. I firmly believe as a writer to always get another set of eyes to edit your work, no matter how self-proclaiming of a good editor you may be. It’s your work; you’re biased. With that being said, I’m aiming to have my book up for alpha/beta reading in March, available for editing/proof-reading in April, and completely finished in May, making it ready to be published.

Before editing or publishing I will need alpha/beta readers who can offer me honest feedback on my book for readability. These generally should be people who are interested in the genre that I’m writing. If you are interested in being an alpha/beta reader for me, please let me know.

Now…it’s time to wrap this up and finish Reconciled!


Getting to…The End

The EndI’m excited to say that I have all my scenes set up for my book, Reconciled. I’ll be spending the next few months transitioning them to one another and then editing. My story is developing into a book and soon I’ll be publishing!

This book will actually be the first one in a series. I’m not sure how many books in the series there will be, but I intend to start working on the next one in 2018 after publication of Reconciled. It will be called, Unleashed.

The feeling of being close to finishing is phenomenal. It’s been a long journey and at times it seemed like I couldn’t see the end. However, little by little I have persevered and pressed on. I’m really going to be a published author! I won’t celebrate just yet…not until I’m truly at The End.

Hail to the Women Heroes!

wp-image-661354345The rise of the female hero has moved rampantly in our culture. Wonder Woman is a prime example. Growing up she was one of my role models and it was creator William Moulton Marston (Charles Marston) who gave us Wonder Woman over 75 years ago. She was created to stand for equality; feminist ideals based off of Margaret Sanger who was a notable feminist of the time. The unconventional liberated woman is what Marston was aiming to portray. She never was meant to be a sex symbol, but somehow she has been morphed into that. However, Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot who have played Wonder Woman in television and film have done an outstanding job in keeping her close to what Marston envisioned. Wonder Woman gives strength to women everywhere and she continues to be my role model.

Being a woman, it has been incredibly hard to prove myself in this man-driven world or to be taken seriously. I’m still seeking this, even after everything I have accomplished. It’s a continuous battle. I spent nearly thirteen years in the Army and personally felt the inequality next to my male counterparts. I feel this way in the workplace, too. Inequality still exists today whether or not people want to believe it. Wonder Woman tackled inequality, giving women like me hope and inspiration. Therefore, I do know my worth no matter if others acknowledge it.

Like many, I’m writing about a woman who is a hero. In Reconciled, Marie is not charged with saving the world or even humans. She is saving fallen angels. In God’s eyes they have value, even though they sinned against Him. She is a hero because she is doing something that not just anyone can do. God chose Marie to be the advocate for the fallen angels, just like He chose Jesus to be the advocate for humankind. However, Marie’s mission to accomplish what God charged her to do is a lot different than what Jesus did on the cross. No one is crucifying Marie, but there are those who are trying to stop her. Reconciling fallen angels takes time and Marie has found that not all of them want to be back with God. She is faced with all kinds of challenges, both physically and spiritually. Also, some of the angels who are helping here don’t have confidence in her abilities. She has to continuously prove herself as the hero she was meant to be.

Character Creation

CreationThe characters I create are conglomerates of people I know, have known, or would like to know. This makes the characters real to me and I can interact with them in the inner musings of my mind. When people see me deep in thought or laughing about something out of the blue, most likely I’m entertaining character dialogue. I virtually write when I’m unable to physically write.

Marie is the main character in my book and it’s no surprise she is a representation of myself. Being one of the characters makes it easy to interact with the other characters with genuine feelings. In the story Marie operates much like I would, delving into my mood and mannerisms. She has a lot of my ambitions, particularly in helping others resolve conflict. I have a Master of Arts in conflict resolution and since I’m not currently using my degree, I figure someone should, even if it is a fictional character. Because Marie is helping to reconcile fallen angels back to God, being a conflict resolution specialist only makes sense. My intention was not to go through an entire master degree program just so a character of mine could benefit, but at least my education isn’t going to waste, right?

Most of the characters in my book are angels or fallen angels, aside from Marie’s best friend, Katherine and her husband, Joe. They ultimately are the only ones who know about Marie’s mission and are there offering her continual support. There is also one other character, Jon and he is Marie’s once-upon-a-time boyfriend who just made his way back into town after retiring from the Marine Corps. Jon doesn’t know about Marie’s new life as God’s mediator for the fallen angels. Marie finds that keeping her secret is challenging as Jon tries to rekindle their relationship that was lost years ago.


What Inspired My Book

angel lightWhat truly inspired me to write my book came from reading the Bible and wanting to know more about angels. I realized that there was very little written about them in the Bible. Although there is plenty written about them elsewhere, I wanted facts and not speculation. For over 20 years I have researched angels and have found some fascinating revelations about them, especially in how they are seen.

In the 4th century, angels were depicted in art with wings and halos. Before this time, they were shown without wings or halos on carved objects, specifically on sarcophagi reflecting the biblical accounts of angels who appeared to Abraham (Gen 18:2) or those appeared to the women at the tomb of Jesus (Mark 16:5.) There is no mention in the Bible that these angels had wings. In fact, angels were mentioned appearing as men in white gowns or robes (Matt 28:3 and Mark 16:5.) Where did wings and halos come from? Come to find out, wings and halos were taken from pagan culture, influenced by images of the goddess Nike and the god Eros. The halo was an artistic device taken from pagan culture to show the gloriousness of a god. It further went on that angels were shown with wings and halos in art to differentiate between men from angels.

Angels were portrayed predominately feminine. Renaissance artists looked to classical Greek sources for their inspiration as they did to the Bible. Therefore, the men who visited Abraham had to compete in the artists imagination with the feminine figures of Nike. Feminization of angels largely was seen in the 19th century and was strongly associated with the Romantic movement. Angels became elements in a romantic vision that was now loosely attached to Christian tradition. Angels were not regarded as intellectually respectable as they once were. Therefore, they were taken less seriously and commanded less cultural respect, so men portrayed them as female.

According to my research from the Bible and other biblical resources, such as the Book of Enoch, there is no indication that there are female angels. Also, I have found that angels are not both male and female, which has been suggested. Angels are clearly male since they came down from Heaven and took women as their wives, bearing children with them (Gen 6.) Furthermore, all accounts in the Bible about angels have referenced them as being male.

Although I can go on and on about angels here, I plan to share more about them in my book. Ultimately, my research on angels has inspired me to create a story that I believe will represent them accurately.



light-vs-dark 1

My first book, Reconciled is coming to light and is quickly spiraling to a point of publication. This is both exciting and scary because this has been years of creative collaboration. I hope to have it published as an eBook soon. Please feel free to tell me what you think.

Chosen to reconcile the fallen angels back to God, Marie must work with an unlikely ally…Lucifer. However, not all the fallen angels want to be reconciled and Marie is faced with a new evil adversary. Xavier has taken over Hell and is holding on to the old beliefs, wanting nothing to do with the reconciliation. He does everything he can to destroy God’s plan to reconcile the fallen angels. The Archangel Michael has dispatched a group of angels to protect and help Marie, but as Marie tries to make sense of her new life, she wonders if she is capable of carrying out God’s plan.